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Request a Tuition Reimbursement
Fall 2017 and after:
Starting Fall of 2017, please contact Administrative Services for questions about the Tuition Reimbursement process.

Summer 2017

  1. Complete the tuition reimbursement form to request reimbursement for tuition. This form must be completed prior to the start of the semester.
  2. Acquire percentage (or amount) approved by your direct supervisor along with the account to be charged and signatures from your direct supervisor, unit head and Vice Chancellor as appropriate.
  3. Send the original approved form to Human Resources, Dempsey 328.
  4. Human Resources will confirm employment status. An e-mail will be sent to you confirming the status of your reimbursement request.
  5. Upon completion of the course, send your grades and a copy of the statement of account to Human Resources.
  6. Human Resources will confirm all documents have been turned in and forward the request to Financial Services for reimbursement.
Note: if you are not attending UW-Oshkosh, please submit documentation of costs of tuition/per credit information at the university you are attending. Please contact your university’s financial services for this information.
UW System and UW Oshkosh tuition reimbursement guidelines The unit and/or department you work within may also have separate requirements. Please check with your direct supervisor for more information.

Note: The taxability of educational expense tuition reimbursements are subject to the existing provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. Reimbursements of $5,250.00 or more over the course of the calendar year may result in tax witholding on your paycheck. Employees are advised to consult the most recent IRS regulations as to the reportability and deductibility of reimbursements.
Program Contact
Please contact Dao Vang with any questions or concerns regarding the tuition reimbursement program: 
Dao Vang 
Program Assistant
(920) 424-1166. 

Starting Fall of 2017, please contact Administrative Services for any questions regarding Tuition Reimbursement. 

Human Resources Office Contact Information

Monday – Friday 7:45AM – 4:30PM

Phone:  (920) 424-1166

Fax: (920) 424- 2021


Dempsey Hall 328