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HR Connections – January 26, 2017

Salary Equity Update

  • In the beginning of January, we had sent out letters to all employees discussing the impacts the salary equity study had on the University and our employees. The CUPA-HR data used as our benchmark source was switched to the Master’s large institutions data which allowed us to more closely align the compensation within our market. We brought every employee’s salary up to a 0.79 compensation ratio.
  • Race/Ethnicity and Compression Longevity were factored into this study as well. Next year we would like to add Gender into the study.
  • GPR funded was through the Chancellor and AUX funded was through the employee’s department. If the department was unable to pay the other half, we will be looking at those individuals first in next year’s study.
  • 167, about 10%, of Faculty, Academic staff, and University staff employees received raises.

I-9 Update (PPT)

  • A new I-9 form will need to be completed if the individual has never worked for the University or has not worked for the University in 3 years or more. This has changed from the 12-month requirement we had in place previously.
    • (eg. Employee ended employment on 1/1/2014 and came back on 1/1/2017, the employee will need to complete a new I9 form.)
  • Updated I-9 form
    • Must use updated form effective 1/22/2017.
    • Fillable form on the HR website
    • “N/A” must be entered whenever a section is not filled in. (eg. Middle Name, Apt Number, Previous names, etc)
    • Employer Section – Must complete top portion, first and last name, middle initial (“N/A” if nothing is listed) and the number checked in the employee citizen section.

HRS Upgrade (PPT)

  • HRS will be unavailable for use starting 12 pm on Wednesday, February 22 until Monday, February 27.
  • HRS 9.2 has a different view than what we are used to. The menu bar is across the top of the web page and drop down menus are used to navigate
  • Budget funding effective date automatically populates; MAKE SURE THIS IS CORRECT. No confirmation on what the effective date actually means yet.
  • “Set up HRMS” will now be “Set Up HMC”
  • Job Data view has changed slightly. Major change: Expected Job End Date has moved to the bottom of the page.
  • Mouse over feature available. Allows you to see the basic contact information of employee.


  • W2s have been mailed out. If you are a current employee, you can access your W2 on the My UW System portal.

Page Up & HR Website Agenda

  • Go live date February 20th. Moving forward, any positions posted prior to February 6 will be transferred to the new website and will continue to use the old recruitment process until position is closed.
  • February 6 to February 20 no positions will be posted. Heavy training will be conducted during this time.
  • Training Plan
    • February 1 – 7 to 8-hour training for a select group of people who are considered heavy users of the ATS
    • February 6 – March 3 – 3 trainings per week; only need to attend the two trainings once.
      1. How to create a position description and a job posting (geared towards hiring supervisors and assistants)
      2. Search and Screen Process (the meat of the process). Teaches how to inspect resumes, tier applicants, etc on a better basis.

Search and Screen Process Training

  • Shannon is now the contact person for search and screen process trainings. Equity and Affirmative Action will no longer be hosting the trainings
  • The training program is now online and the link will be on the new HR Website. The program is approximately 20 minutes long and will have a sign off sheet at the end of the presentation

Holly Shea! Welcome.

  • Holly was recently hired into the training specialist role which will encompass new employee orientation and supervisory training.
  • We are requesting that any specialized training requests be put on hold until Holly gets more acclimated with the University.
  • Holly will be handling employee relations on a later date as well.

Voluntary Retirement Incentive Opportunity Program

  • We are accepting the acceptance for the agreement until 4:30 pm on February 1, 2017. (hard deadline)
  • Supervisor reminder – PTF will need to be completed with retirement letter then send directly to HR; no need to route for signatures.
  • After 45 days of rescind, we share the information to Administration and the Chancellor, and notify the employees of their acceptance by March 31st.
  • About half of the employees who were eligible showed interest, approximately 111 showed interest.
  • Last year 98 were eligible and about 73 took the incentive. The Chancellor estimates about 70 positions will be leaving.


  • If employee is already enrolled, UW System did a look back on Feb. 1 of previous years’ wages and sick leave balances to determine what category to be placed in. If category changes, you might see change in premium rate depending on category placement.
  • Effective Feb. 1 the ICI premium rates have increased slightly
  • Email about ICI paper application for deferred enrollment. Application needs to be in HR by March 1.

Rehire Process

  • The system now generates contracts electronically for Rehires and will be sent out via HR contracts email instead of snail mail. This will be sent to both the employee and their supervisor.
  • Rehire forms/supervisor side is the same process but the HR side is different now.