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I. Self-Insurance

IMPORTANT: THIS HAS NOT YET BEEN APPROVED, no decisions have been finalized yet.; If approved it will take effect 01/01/2018.
• Please watch both 5 minute videos for more information regarding self-insurance.

  1. Self-Insurance in 5 Minutes (Part I)
  2. Self-Insurance II: New Program Structure for 2018 (Part II)
• Learning modules will be distributed throughout the year as well.
• If the self-insurance plan isn’t approved, the board still might adopt the regionalization model.
• Regionalized model splits Wisconsin into 4 different service area regions; ours being the East region. This is to help increase provider access, streamline program administration, simplify participant materials, and control costs.
• The plan to switch insurance models has been discussed for years and to help plan for the switch, ETF has set aside a reserve fund to fund the new model.
• Hired consulting firm and they did analysis and suggested Request for proposal’s (RFP) which were completed in 2016. Those focused on the following:

  • Quality Care
  • Maintain benefit levels
  • Ensure provider access
  • Contain Program Costs
Expected improvements
  • Statewide vendor offers broader networks
  • Increased quality with medical management programs
  • Increased customer service since contract requires performance guarantees
  • Increased data since Group Insurance Board owns claim data and not insurance companies
  • Streamline for employee’s and employer’s – 18 to 6 networks and contracts 1 to 3 years. As of right now, we have a lot of choices but not the same quality.
• We will have 3 year contracts will health insurance providers instead of 1 year contracts. We are still waiting for more information on if premium rates will be locked in for three years as well.
• The Group Insurance Board does not anticipate making any changes to the plan design to help with comparison of old plan.
• May 2017 the decision will be made on whether we are going to move to the self-insurance model.

Click here for Reference Materials on Self-Insurance. 

II. America Saves Week (Tax Sheltered Annuity Workshop)
• Robert Kunkle, a Professor of Finance at UW Oshkosh, is hosting a Tax-Shelter Annuity Workshop for employees on Wednesday, March 1, 2017 in Sage Hall Room 2221 from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm and again at 12:40 pm to 1:40 pm.
• Email sent out about the TSA Workshop
• You can make changes to your TSA at any time – Complete a Salary Reduction Agreement and send to Human Resources.

III. ICI February Rate Increase/Deferred Enrollment 
• Income Continuation Insurance premiums have increased this year effective 2/1/2017.
• System has just completed a look back period which looks back at the previous year’s compensation or sick leave balance to calculate your new premium for the upcoming year.
• The look back period creates a deferred enrollment opportunity for individuals moving into new categories to adjust their ICI coverage. The Deferred enrollment paper application is due in the HR office by 4:30 pm on March 1, 2017.

IV. PageUp Live 
• 100 employees have participated in the training for PageUp
• We are continuing to do training sessions with PageUp. Two to three training sessions will be done every week until March and then we will be dropping down to one training per week.
• Manuals and instructions are on our website
• “Contact us” is a new function on our website. Please use this means to submit feedback regarding our website or PageUp.

V. HR Website Demo
• We have created a website that is better organized to better serve our employees, based on their employee type.
• Careers page is linked up to the ATS – PageUp. We also have a red bar with a link to all the postings listed before Feb. 20th.
• Forms page and supervisor tool kit page is a one stop shop for all forms

VI. HRS Blackout/Upgrade 
• Full black out; nobody will have access to HRS from Wednesday, Feb. 22 noon – 12 pm to Monday, Feb. 27th
• The upgrade will change a few screens but mainly the view will be different. View the HRS Upgrade PowerPoint for more information.
• Approvals due today 2/20 by 4:30 pm

VII. Legal Holiday Change (University Staff)
• Legal holiday will be managed through HRS and will be under absences instead of on the time sheet.
• Jodi will be providing more information on that once the upgrade is complete
• Guides will be updated based on the HRS upgrade as well.