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  1. Welcome to HR Connections
    • Please welcome Dao Vang, our newest addition to the Human Resources Office!

  2. University Realignment Initiative (URA) -Karl Lowenstein
    • URA Website
    • As part of our strategic planning effort, the university is launching an initiative to evaluate all institutional programs, both academic and administrative, to ensure alignment of resources with strategic objectives. A committee has been charged to design a process that will be both transparent and inclusive of a wide range of campus participants. Numerous institutions across the country have undertaken similar efforts as part of their strategic plans, often with the intent of achieving new objectives, starting new programs, or simply recovering from eras of contraction and budget reductions.
    • The next URA Open Forum will be May 4th and 5th from 1:30pm to 3:00pm in Sage Hall 1216
    • URA is also looking for volunteers to serve on two summer working groups.  The two groups will develop and draft criteria for the evaluation process.  One group will propose criteria for evaluating academic programs on campus.  The other group will do the same for administrative units.  Each of these groups will be made up of 7-9 people, with broad representation from across campus.  The criteria determined by these groups will be the first item for campus conversation in Fall 2017.  
    • Please contact Karl Loewenstein (, the steering committee chair, for any questions or concerns
    •  Please view the URA Presentation for more information

  3. Fraud and Identity Theft – Things to look out for and protect yourself against -Joe Dahms
    • Secure websites – do not fill out any forms or give personal information to anyone without making sure it is a secure website. People can use your information to steal your identity.
    • Phishing emails or phone calls – do not comply and give any personal information over the phone without making sure they are legitimate. If an email is making you go to a link you are unsure of, ask someone or contact your supervisor(s) for clarification.
    • “IRS calls” – the most common scam during the tax season. The IRS do not make phone calls. Only letters will be sent out for any legitimate reason or request they have of you.
    • Not sure about a phone number? Google the phone number and a brief description of the situation. There could be others who have reported it online as a scam
    • For more information, please contact
      Joe Dahms
      Branch Manager of UW Credit Union in Oshkosh

  4. ACA Student Policy
    • There are no changes for UW-Oshkosh