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Thanks to everyone who joined us today at our monthly HR Connections meeting. 

For those who did not attend, please see below for the meeting minutes:

  1. Title and Total Compensation (TTC) 
    • Title and Total Compensation Study is a comprehensive effort designed to develop a new title structure to accommodate the needs of all UW institutions
    • The study involves reviewing the functions of more than 30,000 employees across the UW system, conducting a market analysis of total compensation, and developing core job titles and compensation structures
    • Title and Total Compensation (TTC) Update
  2. Recruitment Metrics – Since PageUp started
    • 40% of all applicants have been coming directly to our HR website to apply for jobs
    • 72 active positions
    • Average time to fill a position: 39 days (from the time of reviewing applicants to the offer card)
    • Total offers made: 59
    • Total offers accepted: 53
  3. Benefits Update
    • All insurance application/change forms (new hire enrollment or qualifying life event) must be submitted to HR no later than 30 days from the date of the qualifying event. 
      • Example: You get married on 06/01/2017. You must submit the enrollment/change forms to HR before 07/01/2017 or the event will no longer be a qualified event. 
    • The annual benefits enrollment period for 2017 will be October 2nd -27th, 2017. This will be enrollment for coverage effective January 1st, 2018. 
    • The annual benefits fair is set for Friday, October 13th from 10am-1pm in Reeve. We will send out a reminder email once the date gets closer. 
    • State Group Life Insurance – an employee may enroll or increase coverage by one level due to the birth, adoption, or award of legal guardianship of a dependent child. This means that if any of the events listed above occurs, each child provides the employee with an opportunity to enroll in one level of coverage or increase coverage by one level. 
      • Example: An employee adopts two children, the employee may elect to enroll in two levels of coverage or increase their current coverage by two levels. 
      • This does not include obtaining step-children
    • Please contact for any questions or concerns about benefits updates.